NVMe Support in Lemon OS!

Sun Jan 17 2021

Lemon OS now has it’s own NVMe Driver! So far it is working well on real hardware and VMWare, however has issues on QEMU. Lemon OS can now boot from IDE/ATA, AHCI/SATA and NVMe expanding the range of hardware that Lemon OS is capable of running on.

New icons and UI redesign

Sun Oct 25 2020

Recently I have been working on a new UI for Lemon OS. So far I have created some new icons in Inkscape, added a GridView widget to be used in the file manager and have changed some of the colours.

Work on an xHCI driver implementation

Fri Oct 16 2020

One of the most essential devices in a modern computer is the USB controller. While Lemon OS has gotten by using PS/2 emulation on input devices and relying on the OS to be on an internal storage devices, these both have various problems from dodgy PS/2 emulation to it being an absolute pain to have […]

Python 3.8.2 On Lemon OS!

Fri Sep 04 2020

Python is finally up and running on Lemon OS! This is definitely the biggest port to Lemon OS yet, and it is nice to see that Lemon is much more capable than it was just a few months ago. Thanks to large developments with mlibc, there was little tweaking required, besides build system changes. In […]