Python 3.8.2 On Lemon OS!

Fri Sep 04 2020

Python 3.8.2 is finally running on Lemon OS!

Python is finally up and running on Lemon OS! This is definitely the biggest port to Lemon OS yet, and it is nice to see that Lemon is much more capable than it was just a few months ago.

Thanks to large developments with mlibc, there was little tweaking required, besides build system changes. In porting python there was only one additional POSIX function to be implemented – fcntl. I added three new system calls:

  • SysDup – Duplicate a file descriptor
  • SysGetFileStatusFlags – Get file descriptor status flags (access mode, etc.)
  • SysSetFileStatusFlags – Set file descriptor status flags (will only set O_APPEND or O_NONBLOCK) as per fcntl F_SETFL

SysDup is also used by the dup function, and fcntl acts as a wrapper for all of these.

With a few build system tweaks (adding lemon to config.sub, etc.) a patch and buildport script has been added to the Lemon OS repository.